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The Bioclear Method

by | 01/27/2020 | News

Unwelcome ‘Black triangles’ or dark spaces between teeth are often associated with an ageing smile. They can trap food and plaque deposits and are often a cause of significant embarrassment for patients, stopping you from smiling confidently.

These spaces appear at the gum level between the teeth when the gum level has receded as a result of periodontal disease, gum recession, and sometimes after teeth have been aligned during orthodontic treatment.


The Method

The ‘bioclear method’ is a specifically developed system to eliminate particularly black triangles, but it can also be used to close any other natural spaces between teeth to give you back your confidence in your smile.

The method is based around special ‘Bioclear’ matrices along side the non-invasive technique of ‘composite bonding’ using white filling materials. The matrices are placed around your teeth to recreate the desired tooth shape and a white filling material which is colour matched to your natural tooth structure, is injected into the matrices and bonded in placed. This technique offers the huge advantage that no preparation of your teeth is required, unlike for dental veneers or crowns, and your smile can be transformed in a single visit without the need for any temporary restorations and lab delays.

 Bioclear Before and After


Restore Your Teeth

The systems’ versatility also allows the same technique to be used for posterior teeth whereby even teeth which have previously been heavily filled or are decayed, can be restored without the need for a crown and the additional tooth reduction associated with this. This method recreates the natural tooth form resulting in a very aesthetic and durable restoration.

Durable restoration

If you would like to know more about this technique and how it could transform your smile, contact our reception team to arrange a consultation.

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