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At Esthetique Dental, we like to find out as much as we can about you and your previous dental care. That way, we can offer you the best possible service and expertise.

A dental examination from one of our qualified, expert dentists in Shrewsbury will provide you with complete understanding of the health of your mouth and teeth.

What does a dental examination involve?

From the start, you will have a pleasant, friendly and comfortable experience during your dental visit. You will be greeted in our relaxing reception and offered refreshments on your arrival.

Your full examination will last approximately 45 minutes, enabling us to get to know you, and giving you the opportunity to discuss any problems or ask any questions you might have.

Your initial dental examination will include:

  • Assessment of your overall oral health.
  • Examination of your jaw joints and occlusion (how your teeth meet together).
  • Xrays to help detect dental disease that cannot be visually seen, and take photographs inside your mouth to help you understand our findings.
  • High-resolution photographs to check for cracks and monitor changes on enamel and old fillings.
  • Evaluation of your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, fractures and wear and give you an understanding of which risk category you are.
  • Oral cancer screen, which is a thorough examination of the soft tissues inside and outside of your mouth.
  • Advice on how to achieve the best oral health.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan of any dental work that may be needed to improve your overall oral health.

At the end of your dental examination, we can then advise you on a personal dental health plan and recall routines to help you maintain optimal oral health.

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Our dentists are committed to providing you with high-quality dental care, using the latest equipment, materials, procedures, techniques and expert advice to offer you a complete insight into your dental health.

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