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Having good dental hygiene – or oral hygiene, as it is also called – is all about keeping your mouth and teeth clean, and free from the different types of bacteria that can cause dental cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

Good oral hygiene is the foundation for a healthy mouth. Our Hygienists and Therapists are committed to providing patients with the information and care needed to optimise their oral health.

Brushing and cleaning between your teeth regularly is essential for maintaining good dental health. It is easy for plaque to quickly build upon the surface of the teeth, which can result in your gums becoming red, sore and potentially begin to bleed – all signs of gum disease.

Untreated, gum disease leads to tooth and bone loss. But, with good home care and appropriate hygiene appointments, this can be treated, stabilised and oral health improved.

It might seem like the only solution is the potential discomfort, inconvenience and expense of metal braces to straighten your teeth, which could deter you from seeking cosmetic treatment.

However, this is by no means the only option available to you.

How should I brush my teeth?

We recommend that all of our patients brush their teeth twice a day using an electric toothbrush with a small head, which should be renewed regularly.

It is best to use a circular motion to brush your teeth, rather than a backwards and forwards motion, as this can wear away the gums and cause gum recession.

Brush for around two minutes using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste on the brush, and make sure that all of the surfaces of your teeth feel clean.

Hygiene services at Esthetique Dental

Our dedicated dental hygienists in Shrewsbury offer personally tailored advice, including tooth brushing technique and how to clean between the teeth. A treatment plan will be devised and, depending on your needs, the hygienist will advise on how regularly you should visit to improve and maintain your oral health.

Hygiene treatments range from routine scaling and polishing, which removes plaque, tartar and stain from the teeth to the more extensive treatment of gum disease.

Our hygiene appointments are based on the forward-thinking ‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ (GBT) approach; this means the majority of treatment is carried out using a gentle air polisher.

We are one of a few practices in Shropshire to have this specialist machine, which uses a combination of warm water, pressurised air and an antibacterial powder to clean the mouth. GBT is excellent for stain removal and also for the treatment of gum disease. Our patients love how comfortable this technique makes their hygiene visits and our hygienists love the results.

How else can I maintain my dental hygiene?

There are a number of ways you can boost your oral health besides brushing your teeth:

  • Interdental brushes – these look like mini bottle brushes, which are used to clean in-between teeth.
  • Floss – floss is used to clean in-between the teeth, for those harder-to-reach areas that your toothbrush might miss.
  • Mouthwash – mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing teeth but can be used to freshen breath and help combat the build-up of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Visit the hygienist – working together – you at home and us here – is the optimal solution.

Read more on Guided Biofilm Therapy.

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