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Snoring – Can My Dentist Help?

by | 02/18/2020 | News

Snoring can be one of life’s irritations, sometimes a bit of a joke. However, if you live with someone who snores it can be devastating to a relationship.

It is likely that the person who snores rarely gets a good night’s sleep, and their sleeping partner will be really sleep deprived, leaving them tired and irritable.

Sleeping in separate rooms can have a negative effect on a relationship and staying with friends or at a hotel can cause worry and tension.

Why Do We Snore?

Snoring happens when the jaw and muscles in the throat relax. The result is vibration of the throat when air goes in and out. This is made worse if you carry extra weight around the neck or after consuming alcohol.

Desperation often leads to trying over the counter and online fixes. Sprays and strips on the nose might make the nose clearer, but are not going to affect the vibration of the throat and so are unlikely to work.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a more serious form of snoring.

This is where the throat relaxes to such an extent, it temporarily blocks the airway.

The body has a protective breathing reflex so it will wake the sleeper enough to take a choking breath, but is not enough to rouse from sleep. This can happen as often as 20 times an hour. Waiting for the next breath can be disturbing and even alarming for the sleeping partner. The snorer doesn’t get quality sleep and can be really sleepy during the day.

Establishing whether the snoring is straightforward, or, more serious, sleep apnoea does need specialist treatment.

How Esthetique Can Help

For snoring and mild sleep apnoea an appliance worn at night can revolutionise sleep for all.

The Sleepwell appliance is a custom made, adjustable appliance that comfortably holds the jaw forward in its normal waking position so that the tongue cannot fall back and the throat vibrate.

After a little getting used to, snoring should decrease and stop, meaning a good night’s sleep for everybody. 

And all that from your dentist…

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