Case study 2

Lost teeth, chronic abscesses, staining and bleeding gums

Dentist: Thomas Norlin

Problem: Lost teeth, chronic abscesses, staining and bleeding gums. Fear of the dentist and had not been receiving treatment for a while. “I want teeth that look like they are mine”

Treatment: Hygienist treatment, Extraction of abscessed teeth and after a healing phase restore with fixed implants.

Patient male 65 years of age attended the clinic as a new patient, wanting to know his options. His complaint was mobile and painful teeth, lack of chewing capacity and embarrassed when smiling. There is big event family event and the gentlemen would like this new smile for that day. He had experienced poor dentistry in childhood and the teeth had gradually deteriorated due to fear of treatment. He had only attended the dentist when in pain as an emergency and that had only reinforced the fear of dental treatment.

We agreed a plan to get the patient pain free and infection free and then work on an oral-hygiene improvement to prevent further problems. After an improvement of gum health and healing we placed four dental implants.  

The first picture shows the patient while two of the implants are healing in the upper jaw. The second picture is with a natural looking bridge there is a big cosmetic improvement and chewing is much better. The patient has no gum-disease, no pain and although we still have more work to do he now feels relaxed coming to the surgery.

“For the first time in my life I do not worry about coming, I never thought that would happen.” 


Before After