Discolored front tooth, tooth staining, and bleeding gums

Discolored front tooth, tooth staining, and bleeding gums

Dentist: Thomas Norlin.

Patient problem: Discolored front tooth, tooth staining, and bleeding gums.

Treatment: Hygienist treatment, and both internal and external air polishing and whitening.

The patient, a male aged 30 years of age, attended the Esthetique Dental clinic complaining of pain in his tooth as his main problem, but also suffered from bleeding gums and a discolored front tooth. The history of the problem was an accident in childhood, and the tooth had gradually become discolored after a previous root filling.

A crown had been suggested by a previous dentist, but the patient decided against this treatment due to the worry that the end result might not be ideal.

During his first examination, we discovered that he suffered from a large decay in a molar, and the root filled front tooth was unsatisfactory filled. We also discovered early signs of gum disease, tartar and staining.

We concluded that the plan was to get the patient pain-free, and then work on an oral-hygiene improvement to prevent further decays. Then, the road to the best oral health started.

During the improvement of gum health, we root-filled the front tooth, which soon after felt like normal again to the patient. The stains were removed with air-polishing and the teeth lightened using tooth whitening. The root-filled front tooth was internally whitened and later filled with a small white filling at the back.

The end result is a minimally invasive cosmetic improvement for aesthetics, but more importantly the patient has no gum disease, no pain and, due to his cleaning regime, we now have low risk for problems in the future.


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