Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

In the centre of your tooth, known as its root canal, sits the pulp or 'nerve'.  If it has become infected eating, drinking and generally using your teeth can become quite uncomfortable and painful.

General tooth decay, damaged fillings or traumatic injury to the tooth can cause these types of infections, as this invites bacteria into the tooth’s root canal.

If you have an infection of this kind and it is left untreated, swelling and pain can appear recurrently, which will not only be uncomfortable for you, it can ultimately result in loss of the tooth. Leaving an infection untreated might have side effects on your general health, and treating it with antibiotics is not enough. The infection in the tooth needs to be removed and this is done through mechanical cleaning and chemical disinfection. Once the canal is empty and clean it can be filled with a root filling material.

How does root canal treatment work? 

Root canal treatment can help to save your tooth and significantly limit the chances of further infection and reduce existing infection.

The root canal procedure involves the removal of the bacteria within the tooth from the root canal system. Once this has been completed, the canal will be filled and sealed with a composite filling, or a dental crown, to ensure that repeated infections do no occur.

How long does the root canal procedure take?

Root canal treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 70 minutes depending on the condition of the tooth.

A very broken tooth, a tooth with inaccessible canals, or one with multiple canals, will take longer. Teeth at the back of the mouth have more roots and therefore more canals, so these typically take longer to treat because of their complex anatomy. However, in the majority of cases the treatment is divided over more than one appointment to allow the symptoms to settle. 

Root canal treatment in Shropshire

If the root canal of one or more of your teeth has become infected and is causing you pain and discomfort, then a visit to see one of the dentists at our practice in Shrewsbury could help to identify the best course of action to take.

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